By the light of the (electric) Chanukiah tonight

Earlier this week, teal green scarf mixed with the navy blue sinar tichel of Sarah Attali Designs with white and navy button headband I made:




Tonight, simple one scarf bun. Multicolored wraps make for an easy faux multi-scarfed look.




Would anyone like a DIY embellishment post? Such as the button headband I am wearing here?


Chag Sameah to all who light and flip their latkes in the air sometimes. LOL, Maccabeats.


Once upon a time, there was a blog named “The Daily Tichel”

I have been wanting to start blogging again (I promise I have) but have felt overwhelmed. Where do I begin? How can I maintain a daily blog when I don’t daily wrap a tichel? What I do have is an archive of tichels I never blogged about. I also want to begin to add hats and how you can modify the look if you want to add a little flair. I am also not going to blog daily yet, so I am going to change the title to “The Not-So-Daily Tichel.” LOL, not very creative, I know, but it works for now. I also want to make this more open to comments so I will be asking questions and I hope you will feel free to respond! Especially if you have a nice bit of advice we could all use. =] Here we go!

DSCF2291 DSCF2294
This is simply 1 scarf and 1 embellishment. I used a pashmina styled scarf and then added a nice blue beaded necklace as a sort of tiara. As you can see from the “bun,” it came out kinda wonky but pashmina styled scarves are hard to work with being very thick. Anyone have any tips on how to make pashminas flatter? I know that Wrapunzel has great tips but what about you?


It’s been how long?!

OY. I feel so horrible that I kept you all waiting! I ask that each and every one of you will forgive me for the “forever” absence. I can’t say that I had anything major happen but I will say that pregnancy was hard for me. Here’s what happened:

As you are aware, I announced my pregnancy last Fall. From there I was absent until March or April (I can’t remember!) when I felt better. I thought I was going to be posting again, however, my 2nd trimester energy boost did not last long. I think I only enjoyed a month of on & off energy which then turned back to exhaustion – an exhaustion that was worse than my 1st trimester! I felt guilty not posting for so long but I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I could sleep for 8-10 hours and feel like I only slept 4. So I would sleep in later and later before having to get up and go to work. Also during my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in February which seemed to work itself out. I had the flu or laryngitis maybe 3 times and I struggled with sciatica for which I went to the chiropractor and physical therapy regularly. Due to how I felt, I wore hats. So, how could I post, when there was no creativity involved?

BH, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl July 21st (11 days late!). The postpartum period was hard for me due to healing and the general adjustment to being a new mom. Now my baby is 3 months already and I am back at work, part-time, and part-time babysitting my nephew and niece. So today as they are ALL sleeping (BH!!!!) I am writing this quick update.

While I am back at work now, I am still adjusting. And I ask that you continue to have patience. I can’t guarantee a daily post, as I often still wear hats, especially when babysitting (they come over so early! LOL). I may also decide to write about other things in another blog regarding women’s issues, childrearing, herbal healing, etc. as I learn and grow my knowledge to hopefully create Shalom Bayit.

I also have not replied to many of your comments. I am certainly behind and will endeavor to leave a reply to them all.


Blushing From Embarrassment

OH ladies, I never EVER intended to be away this long! I am actually nearly too embarrassed to start again! Well, I have been very encouraged by your comments and I AM feeling much better – I should be being 6 months along! Haha. I am going to try to get myself back into the swing of things. I do have some pictures from my absence that you all might like. =] But first, an update on my life.

As of today, I am 28 weeks along. While I am blessed by a smooth pregnancy, I have had my share of complications or rather, speed bumps, along the way. After my initial blood work when I decided on my midwife (CNM/Certified Nurse Midwife), we found I was ever so slightly hypothyroid. Left untreated, my baby would probably not develop properly and it caused me to continue to feel sluggish/fatigued into my 2nd trimester. Also, I was VERY deficient in Vitamin D! Vitamin D does go hand-in-hand with thyroid functions & immune system. So after I started taking thyroid medication & have been on Vitamin D, I have gotten my spark back. Next came another speed bump. I sit for 8 hours a day for work. My tailbone area began to really start to ache. Also, sometimes a feeling of not being able to stretch out my hips kept me up at night. Well, come to find out, I was experiencing sciatic nerve pain. I now sit on a large exercise ball which helps a lot. Since I am getting bigger, I am experiencing more round ligament pain on my left side. My midwife was able to refer me to a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women as well as a physical therapist. The nerve pain and the ligament pain are due to the fact that when pregnant, your pelvis goes a bit out of whack. For some women, it is a bit more painful, and I am guessing since this is my first that that is why. All I can say is, I am SOOO glad I chose to listen to my midwife. Both chiropractor and physical therapy are really helping to ease the pain and even take it away at times. I feel like I am finally getting to a point where I wont be running into any more bumps – except my own belly, that is!

I know this is a tichel blog, but any advice left in comments regarding pregnancy is totally fine with me! Obviously, it is always on my mind. Also, any advice regarding how not to take the “easy” way out upon arising in the morning is welcome. I have been sporting the hats like crazy because it is so simple. I will have pictures of that, as I have tried to embellish the hats, too, when I have been more active.

Thank you, ladies, for your support & patience as I am adjusting to such a life altering change!

Chag Sameach! May you enjoy a kosher & happy Passover!


Hi ladies,

I hope you are not too annoyed or worried by my absence. I can’t believe that it’s been over a month! I ask you to continue to be patient with me as I navigate my life right now. I am dealing with extreme fatigue and loss of appetite, and even a huge loss of motivation. I struggle to go to work for 8 hours a day while feeling this way and then find all I do when I am done for the day is rest. You might be thinking, “Wow, this lady is really dealing with some deep depression or something!” Quite on the contrary, my symptoms are of the most joyous circumstance in my entire life! I would just ask that as my symptoms wane and my motivation – and G-d willing, energy – return, you would pray for me and come back often to see if I have posted anything new!

I look forward to posting soon!

Fast n’ Simple


In this combo, I was trying to use a scarf that I don’t use that often. I used my cream pashmina styled scarf as the base, however, I left the tail down and tied this triangular scarf (after folding as it is a square) tucking those ends in. Then I pulled the cream over, laying it flat. I topped it off with my button headband. Not the best in my opinion but simple and fast. =]

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Embellished with a knot


This one is neat. I wanted to show a bit of hair as I tend to cover everything I can. I was playing around when I discovered this cute knot. Over a base, I laid my multi green scarf down in the middle of the scarf. I pulled the tails up and ended up tying them in a double knot slightly to the side. With the short leftover ends, I tucked them under the knot. One tail had the red, the other the orange so it gave that layered look to the knot. No need to embellish, but a bit of lace would still look nice!

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