Passover’ll be coming around the mountain when it comes…

Again, dear readers, I am sorry for the absence. Just know it may happen from time-to-time as I learn how to be a mother and as my lil’ squirrel goes through certain milestones. Like teething. Oy. It certainly has been worse lately, especially this week! But over the last two weeks, I’ve hardly taken pictures of my wraps. Though, I have wrapped, B”H, and not just plunked a hat on my head. It helps that I am in a co-op on FB for scarves and recently found a nice sale at Pat Catan’s, which is a craft store for those who don’t know it. I didn’t until I moved east. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

Well, Passover/Pesach is approaching and I have had my mind on it for a while but, as life goes, I have not had the opportunity to really prepare. I believe HaShem (G-d) coordinates the timing of stressful events in order to help one learn to deal with life. And so, here I stand…err, sit, before you really trying to control my stress. This is so important due to my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. I’m choosing mind over matter because I have seen it work in my life before where I chose to have patience with all (ok, most) customers in my retail experience. And B”H, it carried over into other areas of my life. Now, I want to be healed for my sake and, more importantly, for my family’s sake. Since I have become a mom, I have a little one that watches everything that I do which reminds me of my commitment from many years ago to raise my children in a peaceful home. I want Shalom Bayit. (Literally house of peace but more like a “complete” or “whole” house.)

So, one of the ways I am working on Shalom Bayit is to get myself completely ready in the morning. I am still struggling with how early I get up – and, unfortunately, not before sweetpea gets up, but I aim to get ready as if I am leaving as soon as I can. I am proud that I have been able to wrap on a daily basis; however, I have not taken pictures. What I am sharing today is yesterday and today.

Photo on 3-31-15 at 1.29 PMPhoto on 3-31-15 at 1.29 PM #2Photo on 3-31-15 at 1.31 PM Photo on 4-1-15 at 11.41 AM

Sadly, my husband didn’t care for either. I have striven to make my wraps (and outfits) beautiful to him which has added some stress because I feel like he disapproves. Want to know his response to this? “Women need to realize that it isn’t clothing that makes them beautiful, but that they make their clothing beautiful.” What a powerful statement that I just had to share.

Ok, my dear readers, I must away to finish for Pesach. Have a happy and kosher Passover for those who keep it. May you all be blessed.


8 thoughts on “Passover’ll be coming around the mountain when it comes…

  1. Wishing you much strenght to prepare every thing for Pessach, I know it might be stressful, I am in it just right now too… I took the decision to make a simple Seder and not to prepare hundred dishes. Simple can be much tasty also, and with my husband, we believe that making it more simple but with joy will bring more blessings then making hundred dishes with stress. You won’t enjoy it. So our statment: simple with joy, not complicated with stress. And you husband is right: if you feel beautiful inside, every thing will fit you outside, but if you feel stressed, every thing will feel like something is not fitting… I also struggle sometimes to reconnect with myself. Sometimes I just have to pray Psalms, the Shma and Ana bekoach a few times to be able to look at me in the mirror and think: after all, it’s not so bad, and to say Toda to HaShem for the strenght He gives me for today. Just for you to know that you are not alone in the struggle. Hugs from France, keep in touch, Mirjam.

  2. I wish my mom would think more like your husband. She hates me covering my hair and constantly makes comments about it. My husband thinks I’m beautiful no matter what, even if I was in a paper sack, but my mom thinks he’s lying. And he’s a pastor! I love the headscarves by the way, and was wondering what co-op you are part of on FB?

    • Hi Amy,

      Unfortunately, since writing this post, the coop went under. It became too difficult for the organizer. However, if you looked into the group called Practical and Affordable, they have a pinned post regarding cheap scarves people find on eBay or I believe a couple of women buy in bulk and sell what they don’t want at very reasonable costs. I’m sorry that you get negative comments, especially from someone you love. It really is hard to be different, especially in a family unit when boundaries and barriers are often crossed simply because one is related. Just try to remember when it happens, that it is an outer manifestation of an inner conflict and that it isn’t YOU per se, but the feelings of discomfort that cause her to speak out. Just keep doing what you are doing, show her no ill feelings, and be living proof that a headcovering doesn’t turn you to the dark side. =]

  3. Hi dear Penimah!
    It’s a long time already since the last post, and I just wanted to write you to send you much encouragments and blessings and strenght for you and your family! I hope you are ok with your health and your baby? Hugs from France, Mirjam.

  4. You mentioned you feel that your husband disapproves of your head covering. I feel that my husband does as well. I think he just thinks it’s my choice and doesn’t want to influence me, but his lack of interest IS influencing me. How do you cope with this? His disinterest makes me want to stop covering, but I honestly feel uncomfortable without the covering.

    • Hi Sami! I think its time for me to repost and this is a very, very appropriate topic. Thank you for bringing it up! I apologize for the delay but I have not forgotten this question since receiving it, I promise.

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