More Fun with Lace – Plus a mini review

Today is day 4 of using my new lace headbands. I just love them. Super easy to use. The only thing I would change due to my own personal preferences is the width because I have a small head and I really only show lace up front. However, the price and the ease of use far outweigh any issue. I never have extra wrinkles or bulk. So without further ado, here’s the last three days of me wearing each of the other colors I bought:

Photo on 2-20-15 at 12.33 PM Photo on 2-20-15 at 12.34 PM Photo on 2-20-15 at 12.35 PM #2 Photo on 2-20-15 at 3.33 PM

This was Friday. Dark teal, gray lace, black & white floral, and light teal with silver threading and random sequins. I added a dark blue beaded necklace along the black floral section and topped it off with a silver flower. I started with a tail down, but ended up tucking it in per my husband’s request.

Photo on 2-21-15 at 8.32 PM Photo on 2-21-15 at 8.33 PM Photo on 2-21-15 at 8.32 PM #3 Photo on 2-21-15 at 8.36 PM

This was Shabbat’s wrap. I was very pleased with it. I took a chance and mixed the pumpkin lace, which ended up be more like a dark coral, with the more subdued colored floral scarf. The floral scarf has notes of maroon and dusty rose but orange/coral/pumpkin? Not really. However, I love how it turned out! I also have a greenish/tan lace scarf I used as well finalizing it with pearls and a floral pin I made.

Photo on 2-22-15 at 11.01 AM #2 Photo on 2-22-15 at 11.01 AM #3

Sunday’s tichel was nice but I had issues. First the description: a base tichel for the volume, but then added my new olive pashmina style scarf with my tan lace headband and my new pre-tied navy and white polka dotted scarf. I tried to have the fringes be embellishment again, as I had done with the infinity scarf ensemble from two weeks ago. I liked this, however, my no slip headband didn’t keep my tichel from not slipping.

I’m brainstorming as to why and how to fix this issue, as this isn’t the only instance lately. My first inclination is that my hair is different postpartum. Also, I’m using different shampoo/conditioner due to the not-so-great water in our apartment. Another thought – I don’t wash my no slip headband often because I only have 1! So, first things first: wash my headband and try again.

Now, on to my mini-review. I have two times now tried out a new “invention” that I picked up on Facebook. I am not sure it has a name…but it looks like this:


But what is it, you are wondering? It is a necklace extender that allows you to extend the length of your necklace to use as embellishment with your tichel! If you go back to Friday and Shabbat in this post, I am using it to hold on my necklaces! This made using necklaces a breeze and I didn’t have to worry about my bobby pins falling out or the necklace falling off. This particular extender is nice in that there are no jump rings to catch on your scarves. This is handmade by Lisa Corley Anthony who, at the moment, has only listed them for sale on Facebook in the buy/sell/trade group. But if you want one – in either gold/brown or silver/black – you can get in touch with her via email, One piece is $9, shipping included within the US.

Coming soon, my new addition – sari scarves! And photos from a reader!



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