Once upon a time, there was a blog named “The Daily Tichel”

I have been wanting to start blogging again (I promise I have) but have felt overwhelmed. Where do I begin? How can I maintain a daily blog when I don’t daily wrap a tichel? What I do have is an archive of tichels I never blogged about. I also want to begin to add hats and how you can modify the look if you want to add a little flair. I am also not going to blog daily yet, so I am going to change the title to “The Not-So-Daily Tichel.” LOL, not very creative, I know, but it works for now. I also want to make this more open to comments so I will be asking questions and I hope you will feel free to respond! Especially if you have a nice bit of advice we could all use. =] Here we go!

DSCF2291 DSCF2294
This is simply 1 scarf and 1 embellishment. I used a pashmina styled scarf and then added a nice blue beaded necklace as a sort of tiara. As you can see from the “bun,” it came out kinda wonky but pashmina styled scarves are hard to work with being very thick. Anyone have any tips on how to make pashminas flatter? I know that Wrapunzel has great tips but what about you?



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