It’s been how long?!

OY. I feel so horrible that I kept you all waiting! I ask that each and every one of you will forgive me for the “forever” absence. I can’t say that I had anything major happen but I will say that pregnancy was hard for me. Here’s what happened:

As you are aware, I announced my pregnancy last Fall. From there I was absent until March or April (I can’t remember!) when I felt better. I thought I was going to be posting again, however, my 2nd trimester energy boost did not last long. I think I only enjoyed a month of on & off energy which then turned back to exhaustion – an exhaustion that was worse than my 1st trimester! I felt guilty not posting for so long but I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I could sleep for 8-10 hours and feel like I only slept 4. So I would sleep in later and later before having to get up and go to work. Also during my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in February which seemed to work itself out. I had the flu or laryngitis maybe 3 times and I struggled with sciatica for which I went to the chiropractor and physical therapy regularly. Due to how I felt, I wore hats. So, how could I post, when there was no creativity involved?

BH, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl July 21st (11 days late!). The postpartum period was hard for me due to healing and the general adjustment to being a new mom. Now my baby is 3 months already and I am back at work, part-time, and part-time babysitting my nephew and niece. So today as they are ALL sleeping (BH!!!!) I am writing this quick update.

While I am back at work now, I am still adjusting. And I ask that you continue to have patience. I can’t guarantee a daily post, as I often still wear hats, especially when babysitting (they come over so early! LOL). I may also decide to write about other things in another blog regarding women’s issues, childrearing, herbal healing, etc. as I learn and grow my knowledge to hopefully create Shalom Bayit.

I also have not replied to many of your comments. I am certainly behind and will endeavor to leave a reply to them all.



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