Blushing From Embarrassment

OH ladies, I never EVER intended to be away this long! I am actually nearly too embarrassed to start again! Well, I have been very encouraged by your comments and I AM feeling much better – I should be being 6 months along! Haha. I am going to try to get myself back into the swing of things. I do have some pictures from my absence that you all might like. =] But first, an update on my life.

As of today, I am 28 weeks along. While I am blessed by a smooth pregnancy, I have had my share of complications or rather, speed bumps, along the way. After my initial blood work when I decided on my midwife (CNM/Certified Nurse Midwife), we found I was ever so slightly hypothyroid. Left untreated, my baby would probably not develop properly and it caused me to continue to feel sluggish/fatigued into my 2nd trimester. Also, I was VERY deficient in Vitamin D! Vitamin D does go hand-in-hand with thyroid functions & immune system. So after I started taking thyroid medication & have been on Vitamin D, I have gotten my spark back. Next came another speed bump. I sit for 8 hours a day for work. My tailbone area began to really start to ache. Also, sometimes a feeling of not being able to stretch out my hips kept me up at night. Well, come to find out, I was experiencing sciatic nerve pain. I now sit on a large exercise ball which helps a lot. Since I am getting bigger, I am experiencing more round ligament pain on my left side. My midwife was able to refer me to a chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women as well as a physical therapist. The nerve pain and the ligament pain are due to the fact that when pregnant, your pelvis goes a bit out of whack. For some women, it is a bit more painful, and I am guessing since this is my first that that is why. All I can say is, I am SOOO glad I chose to listen to my midwife. Both chiropractor and physical therapy are really helping to ease the pain and even take it away at times. I feel like I am finally getting to a point where I wont be running into any more bumps – except my own belly, that is!

I know this is a tichel blog, but any advice left in comments regarding pregnancy is totally fine with me! Obviously, it is always on my mind. Also, any advice regarding how not to take the “easy” way out upon arising in the morning is welcome. I have been sporting the hats like crazy because it is so simple. I will have pictures of that, as I have tried to embellish the hats, too, when I have been more active.

Thank you, ladies, for your support & patience as I am adjusting to such a life altering change!

Chag Sameach! May you enjoy a kosher & happy Passover!


2 thoughts on “Blushing From Embarrassment

  1. Hi Penimah! Finally you are back, and I am happy to read from your news, even if I am just a new follower of tichel-blog (even if I am covering for already many years, I didn’t look for more ideas in the internet, then, I just found andrea’s and Rivka’s Blog, then your blog…) You have a lot of inspiration and I would like to say thank you a lot for sharing your ideas! I encourage you to continue! HM may bless your health and keep your baby safe and give you an easy birth! I know what I am talking about… I found out, that the best thing to do during pregnancy against back pain is to move as before (walking, swimming…) It did help me. Wishing you all the best and HM’s strenght for every thing, bye, Mirjam.

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