Hi ladies,

I hope you are not too annoyed or worried by my absence. I can’t believe that it’s been over a month! I ask you to continue to be patient with me as I navigate my life right now. I am dealing with extreme fatigue and loss of appetite, and even a huge loss of motivation. I struggle to go to work for 8 hours a day while feeling this way and then find all I do when I am done for the day is rest. You might be thinking, “Wow, this lady is really dealing with some deep depression or something!” Quite on the contrary, my symptoms are of the most joyous circumstance in my entire life! I would just ask that as my symptoms wane and my motivation – and G-d willing, energy – return, you would pray for me and come back often to see if I have posted anything new!

I look forward to posting soon!


5 thoughts on “Absence

  1. Oi Penimah! Foi um prazer conhecê-la. Meu nome é Mônica.Sou brasileira e gosto muito de usar tichel.Entrei em contato com você, o Eterno,bendito seja ele ,assim preparou.Eu uso tichel todos os dias para ir trabalhar.Mas não sei quais  os melhores lenços e como amarrá-los na cabeça em forma de tichel.Eu faço o que posso e o que me ensinam.Se você puder entrar em contato comigo e me ensinar o que você sabe eu agradeceria enormemente.Por favor ore por mim .Eu também vou orar por você. Um abraço muito forte e muitas felicidades.Que o Eterno,bendito seja ele, a abençoe grandemente.Shalom rav.

  2. Hy! Hope every thing is OK with you, HaShem bless you and keep you! I discover your blog and it is very inspiring too! I am already on Andrea’s and Rivka Malkas’ blogs, but you have very good ideas too, and I look forward to see new post from you! Mazal tov for the good news! Shalom, Mirjam.

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