Two Sinar Tichels?


Yes, that’s right. I had these two sinars that are both mostly one color – pink or blue – and I wanted to wear those colors together. The navy blue sinar has accents of bright orange which obviously would not be preferred with this outfit. So, after my base, I laid my blue sinar down along my hairline all the while keeping the other layers of the front folded back toward the bun. I crossed the tails behind, making sure to tuck in the back and crossed over one tail that still had orange, laying it flat. I had folded the pink sinar up like a long rectangle and laid it over the blue, hiding the blue layers. I wrapped one pink tail over followed by the blue which subsequently covered that first pink tail. I finished the look with the last pink tail. While you can see a bit more bulk than just a simple sinar, it still looks like it is seamless. Maybe this can help you realize that putting money into a sinar or a few can still be cost effective. You can wear them in multiple ways just like any old scarf. Truthfully, I prefer sinars because they are SO easy to wrap! They always look like I am an expert wrapper but in reality, I just rolled out of bed.

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