Trying to start the week off right


Here’s one I liked. I simply used a base scarf, the cream one I believe, tucking in the grey scarf but leaving enough for one tail. Then I used my purple floral scarf to cover it all. It is a square one that I fold in half that I tied traditionally and wrapped the tails around the bun. I pulled the grey tail around the bun and tucked that in. I topped it off with my dusty purple ribbon rose clip.

I used my thick red-orange cotton scarf as the base, leaving one tail down. The tails have that nice fade-into-dark-red, which is fun for wrapping! Anyway, I again measured what I would need for one tail of the contrasting green and tucked the rest into the bun before tightening. If I haven’t noted before, I always say, “before tightening” because if you loosen the bun for any reason it causes the whole thing to fail. I have yet to figure out why but it is just easier not to undo what you’ve started unless you want to redo the whole thing. I pulled the green over first, leaving about an inch in the front then the red tail. I topped the whole thing off with my thin lace strip. I thought about using my large, red-orange flower but felt it would be too orangy.

This one kinda flopped, but I wanted to share it with you all regardless. I used a black textured scarf for the base and saved enough gray for one tail again. I did not leave any black tails down but wrapped them around the bun then carried over the gray tail. I used my skinny sequin scarf and wrapped it around the front, found I had too much, so I put the rest around the bun. I think it looks a bit hap-hazard and I think the bun is a bit small. Am I being too picky?

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