Here’s some more

Here I used the green pashmina-like scarf, which was the base as well. I added the plaid tan scarf by figuring out how long I needed one tail to be then tucking the rest of the scarf up into the bun before tightening. The plaid tail was laid across first then the green tail tucked in. Nice and simple but I felt it needed just a hint more so I added a floral headband which complemented the tan well and toned down the green.
Purple tones. Here I used my purple pashmina-like scarf as the base, leaving one tail down. Then I added the silky lavender floral fabric strip, leaving enough for one tail. I pulled the purple tail over that followed by the lavender strip. I topped it off by highlighting the green in the lavender fabric with my green ribbon headband and my thin lace.
I experimented a bit and am not sure how I like it. What do you think? I used my dark blue pashmina styled scarf that has a sort of lime green floral pattern on it. I then used one of my sinar tichels as a way to embellish mainly because I wanted to use that pretty lace from it. I folded the sinar in such a way that the front lace shows through and you only see the lace tail. With all the lace, I felt it was fine as is.
Here’s one I liked. I simply used a base scarf, the cream one I believe, tucking in the grey scarf but leaving enough for one tail. Then I used my purple floral scarf to cover it all. It is a square one that I fold in half that I tied traditionally and wrapped the tails around the bun. I pulled the grey tail around the bun and tucked that in. I topped it off with my dusty purple ribbon rose clip.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s some more

  1. I think the lace on that third one does work. And once again, I really like your accessorizing. It works nicely with the the rest of the patterns going on.

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