Two for Today

DSCF2210 DSCF2215


Very red & very bright. At least for me. I thought this one was pretty however, not sure it is something that suits me. I think with my pale skin, light colors wash me out. Anyway, this was a fairly simple wrap with no embellishments. Why no embellishments? Well, I felt that with the floral print, it was busy enough. When you wear an embellishment, you want it to enhance, not detract. So all I did here was use my red pashmina style scarf as the base, leaving one tail down. I laid the floral along my crown, tails down, pulling over the red tail then the two floral tails around the bun.

DSCF2217 DSCF2218


This one was nice. I used my teal pashmina-like scarf as the base & left one tail down.  Also before tightening the base, I took the polka-dotted & the floral scarves and stuck over half of it up in the bun to hide it. I only wanted one tail to work with and both are long enough to go at least twice around my head. So then I had three tails, one of each fabric. I chose the polka-dotted to go along my crown, then the teal and finally the floral. I then chose to finish this combo with an embellishment I made of sheer black ribbon and houndstooth fabric roses.

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