Three new combos

I’ve been a little negligent of my blog lately. I still really struggle to update this so I hope that you all can forgive me and continue to be patient. I’ve been learning to rebalance my life since getting married and I feel I am still off-kilter. Besides that, my husband just bought a Mac for me to use and I am still learning how to use it!

DSCF2178 DSCF2181 DSCF2183

Multi colored floral scarf. I went simple with only 1 scarf and a couple embellishments. I used my scarf base and then the multi colored fabric is really just that: fabric. It is an unhemmed rectangle that I often fold in half as if it would create a triangle. The corners don’t match up but forms a “w” at the bottom. If the fabric is wide enough, then it can cover even a large bun!  So that’s what I did. I pulled the short tails to the side and then added my red fabric ribbon and my yellow ribbon rose clip just above the knot.  Now I have a few other photos as my husband prefers that I tuck of the ends. So here’s the tucked & untucked versions, depending on your style choice!

DSCF2190 DSCF2192

Tan, grey & orange, who knew? My husband really liked this one – he tends toward the neutral colors. I used my scarf base in cream because the grey scarf is very thin material and would not create a large enough bun in my opinion. So after the bun base, I laid the grey down, wrapping one tail around the bun, which is hidden. Then I used my tan floral long strip of fabric and placed that along the front edge. I wrapped the last grey tail across my crown and then wrapped what was left of the fabric strip around. I embellished with my long lace and my sheer dark orange ribbon. I was trying to get everything to lay just right; however, you can see that weird bulge under the bun after I tucked in what I could. I didn’t play too much with it due to time.

DSCF2200 DSCF2205

I was using my tri-colored scarf again that is purple, yellow & red. This time, I wanted to make sure that no yellow showed up and I really think this one turned out well. This scarf is thick enough to create a nice bun on its own, but I wanted to use both tails for a layering effect. Therefore, I used a base bun. I folded the scarf so that the red would be upfront and the purple behind. Then I just pulled one tail over, making sure it was folded to hide the yellow but still be flat. I tucked that end in and pulled the other tail over again strategically hiding the yellow. I pulled the end and “tied” it with itself leaving a bit of a tail. I finished it off with an elastic headband with the red ribbon flowers. The elastic is black and I didn’t want it to show, so I tucked it under the first tail as much as I could. You might be wondering how long that tail stayed down…not very long. =]

As you can see, I’ve made some changes to my website, what do you think? Also, LIKE me on Facebook:


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