Trying to keep up


Burgundy is certainly a favored color among my wardrobe. And this might be the cream of the crop! I am so pleased with this one that I want to wear it again. This was so simple. It is one of my sinar tichels, my burgundy piece of fabric and my burgundy ribbon. I tied my sinar tichel in the normal fashion, over a base scarf for the bun.  I did lay the tails as flat as possible and a bit further back toward the bun. The burgundy fabric was laid on top of that to cover up everything til the front edging of lace. Due to how short the fabric is, I laid it as close to one of the ends as possible in order to have enough to pull across again. I did use that tail to wind around the bun. Then I grabbed my ribbon and twice wrapped it. The first wrap to sit along the edge of the burgundy fabric which gave it a fluid look.


A romantic wrap with muted browns. I used my golden brown long rectangular scarf as the base of which you only see about an inch in the front. Then I planned on using the darker brown, but only wanted a bit to show. I made sure to leave a long enough tail to wrap around my head once and tucked the rest up into the bun. I took my floral golden fabric and wrapped it over most of the brown base. This is like the burgundy fabric, so I wrapped it as close to one side as possible to have a tail long enough to pull over. I first laid the dark brown then I pulled the golden floral tail just over the back edge of the dark brown. I added the green ribbon headband. All of this was nice but I decided I wanted just a bit of brightness to contrast the muted tones. I used a flat cotton strip that actually had come on a boxed set of Thank You cards we had purchased for after the wedding. The tie is perfectly long enough to fit around my head and I like it because it is perfect for the casual day, otherwise, a bit of lace could make this look work for a dressier occasion.

–you never know when you are going to find something that might work for your headcovering. Now, I’m not advocating hording, I’m advocating that you think outside the box. Your favorite shirt has a hole and is no longer wearable? Harvest the fabric. Don’t just stop with clothing but things you have around your house. Maybe you have a table runner that has a stain on one side but the rest is beautiful. You will be pleasantly surprised at the combinations you can come up with!


One scarf day. I chose my light green pashmina since the pattern is beautiful enough by itself. Also, since pashminas tend to be thick fabric, I use them to form the bun also. I took the tail and laid it smoothly across to sit just behind the edging on the pattern. I didn’t want to just leave it all green, I wanted an accent color and since I was wearing blue, I thought that was a good choice. I dug through my bin and pulled out this cute creation.: a wide navy blue and light blue floral ribbon with a baby blue fabric ribbon attached with white and baby blue flowers. All I had to do was tie it on and there you have it.


Sporting a new scarf. My mother-in-law gave me a truly 100% pashmina scarf. I say that because there are TONS of fakes out there such as the one I wore yesterday. That really isn’t a pashmina. Pashmina is a wool from India that is in high demand and usually very expensive. All the others are styled after pashminas but are made out of different materials. So that said, I received the fuschia scarf and decided to wear it, even though it is wool. I decided to offset the color with a dark color, brown, and a light color, white, as they both were colors in my skirt also. I decided I wanted the wrap to look bulkier, since I often stay away from larger styled wraps and felt I needed to branch out a bit. So, I made a base with a completely different scarf that is totally hidden and I made sure to tuck in the white and brown ends to hide in the bun with enough left to wrap around my head. I laid the fuschia down without tying and then pulled the brown around across the crown of my head, then one of the tails followed by the white then the fuschia. I went for a simple look, no embellishments.


I was feeling purple today. I say that because the skirt I chose to wear has quite a few colors that are all pretty bright. I didn’t want to make that much of a scene so I chose the not so “in-your-face” color. The dark purple is a pashmina style scarf, bulky enough for the base. So after I made the bun, I stuffed the tail of the black floral scarf in it as well, pulled that color across the crown and finished it with the final purple tail. In my box of embellishments, I was able to find the purple floral pin I had made. Even though there isn’t yellow in my outfit, that small amount wont detract from matching.


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