Just 2



This turned out better than I had planned. I was trying new techniques for hiding all my fabric for the scarves. As you see here, I had on three scarves. The teal is a long rectangle as well as the lavender. The floral is a large square that I fold to make into a triangle. I also used a long rectangular scarf as the base because I have been loving the larger sized buns lately. So just before I set the base, I tucked up a bunch of the lavender scarf which helped form the base bun, then I tightened the base scarf and finished it off by wrapping the base tail around the bun and leaving enough of the lavender scarf to wrap around my head and tuck in. Next I laid the teal down, wrapping on tail around the bun and the other left hanging. Then I put the floral down on that, leaving about an inch of the teal along my hairline and tied the ends under the bun, tucking in the corner. I first wrapped the floral ends around the bun, as I had intended to hide them under a different tail. I pulled the lavender in front of that and the teal ended up behind the floral tails. I got creative with the floral tails. The idea came to me to try to make the ends into a knot for decoration. All I did was tie the ends in a traditional fashion & tucked the ends in. I thought it looked like a poofy button or something and the contrasting colors really made it pop. I only added a bit of lace to make it fancier.



I decided to sport my brown pashmina. I tried the newer technique of stuffing the “bun” with all the excess fabric instead of trying to hide it under tails. I began by putting the brown pashmina on to create the bun but before tightening it, I laid the green scarf where I wanted it and then stuffed the remaining part in the bun. Then I tightened the bun and tucked the green end in on the other side. I pulled the remaining brown tail over. I wanted to use the plaid fabric strip but only enough to go around once. Well, the plaid strip is long enough to go around my head three times, so how to hide all that? I literally just stuffed the extra up under the tail and I didn’t even have to tie it to make it stay. I added the red fabric ribbon which pulled it all together.



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