Four More

shades of gray

Shades of gray, featuring two different styles, in a way. This one also is really nice. I found a plain grey scarf at Wal-Mart – actually, I was looking for a nice plain one, as I wanted it to specifically go with the black & gray one that I paired it with here. And also the skirt I am wearing here but you can’t tell, sorry! Anyway, I actually used my plain black scarf as my “volumizer” since I haven’t spent the money on one yet. Then I wrapped the gray one to completely cover the black without tying, hiding the right side tail around the bun.  I covered the majority of the gray with the floral black scarf doing the exact same with it as I did the gray so the tail was on the same side. I then highlighted this whole thing with my long skinny black & white sequined scarf. It is long enough that I can wrap it three times around my head and still have a bit left over, plus the tassels. So, I began at one end of the scarf along my crown, just behind the beginning of the black floral then I wrapped it around my head just before the bun. I ended with the tail on the left side also so I decided to braid them all together. I would have been happy and finished, however my husband is not a fan of “dangly” things and so prefers I wrap everything up. I tend not to be a fan either because it gets in my way or just plain annoys me. I had the intention of leaving it down this time as I liked the look but, per my husband’s request, I needed to figure out what I was going to do. I first tried it around the bun but didn’t like it, then decided to put it between the two wrappings of the sequin scarf and it fit perfectly there! So whether you like “danglies” or not, you can still enjoy a nice braid!

73301, 73327, 73456, & 73617

This was an experiment. I wanted to see if the bun could be placed elsewhere than direct center. So I tried an off-center bun with a knot. The floral scarf is a normal bandana that I folded to be like a wide headband, placing it across the hairline and crown. Then I used my duo-tone green rectangular scarf with which I formed the bun. Instead of forming it in the center, I tied it off to the side but still followed the same technique of shoving the now leftside tail up and then tightening with the right. I used the leftover tail to twist a knot for aesthetics and a shiny  burgundy ribbon that I could wrap twice around my head.


I ended up pushing the bun back to the center later on, as I felt it was a bit weird looking. I think I may have to tie it a bit different to make it look right if I am going to make a successful side bun. I like the way it looks with hair so why not with a scarf? Any comments or suggestions?

92455, 92515 & 92555

Yesterday’s tichel:

I very much enjoyed this one. I decided on decorating a simple look. I chose my blue paisley scarf and chose to add volume by wrapping a base scarf to create the bun. I used my cream pashmina styled scarf for the base. Then I took the blue paisley scarf and laid it down so my head was in the middle. I didn’t tie it but just crossed the tails under the “volumizer” if you will, so that the right became the left and vice versa. I pulled the left across the crown then the right just behind that in front of the bun. This created a seamless look. Instead of tucking the ends in, I tied the ends together and then created a knot. Do I remember exactly how I did it? No, I’m sorry. I will have to come up with steps on how to make nice knots if anyone is interested. Maybe have a special blog on a few basics. For me, making a knot is like cooking: I never follow a recipe exactly and I never repeat the same mixture – that I know of. I tend to forget how I do it and never write anything down. Ok…it’s going on my list of things to do. Moving on, the look was completed with a bit of lace – which kept falling off since I haven’t made it into a headband yet and I was running around with my nephews. So moral of that tangent, secure anything that might “slip.” Then I added a shimmery rusty orange ribbon along the top of my head and a red-orange flower clip just above the knot.


Today I did the twist. But I didn’t shout. (Chuckles to herself.) I chose to make navy blue the main color and to accent it with a light color. I chose my usual tan plaid scarf. I wanted a decent-sized bun today, so I chose to use my cream pashmina style scarf as the “volumizer” again today. I then laid the tan plaid down first, wrapping it as close to one end as possible followed by the navy blue which is a triangular scarf. I “hid” the navy blue tails around the bun. At this point, I had a really long tan plaid tail, so I decided to twist it tight and then wrap it around the bun. I was able to do it twice which looks nifty. I topped it off with an elastic floral headband.


And there you have it. I am caught up! Thank you all for your patience. I look forward to your comments and suggestions! Please share photos, too, if you have a really exciting look to share, I will create a posting for your photo. =]


One thought on “Four More

  1. Hi,
    I especially like the last two with the flowers. You really are very creative. I usually keep it simple, just one long scarf tied into some kind of a bun, secured with a flower pin or a brooch. It is great to come here and see what you can do with a scarf or two.

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