Quick 2


Here I chose my plaid tan scarf, my burgundy piece of fabric and a black scarf of which you only see a hint in the twist. I knew I only wanted a hint of black, so I tied that first and created the bun but left the right side tail down. I put the tan over it to completely cover the black, also leaving one of those tails down, the longer of the two. I wrapped the tan in the middle of the scarf and twisted the left side tail around the formed bun because I wanted to hide it. Then I placed the burgundy over that, covering the whole bun but only covering half of my head. I also tied the fabric closest to one end, making a tail long enough to wrap around the bun which I did. Now I had two tails: one black, one tan. What to do? Twist it! I hadn’t done that in a long time and was very pleased with the results. I think the twist is best with colors that contrast in order to highlight it. =] I tucked the ends under and decided that the twist was enough embellishment – I didn’t want to take away from it. I think the only thing I might change next time I used this combo would be to have the burgundy up closer to my hairline or have something that could ease the gap from tan to burgundy. It is a bit…stark.


I really like this one. I went for the brown tones. I used my golden brown scarf as the base, making the bun and wrapping the tail around it. Then I used my floral pink & blue & brown fabric to cover almost all of what I did so far, wrapping the tail around the bun. At this point, it was a bit boring with that much brown. It needed something to make it “pop.” Since I went with a light pink shirt, I took a thin strip of white fabric and just wrapped it around my head right in front of the bun. I tend to lean towards the floral side of things, I decided on a pink floral headband I made that had the right pink flowers on a tan elastic headband. I set that between the bun and the white and it was just enough.

I hope to finish the rest of these before Shabbat, but no promises – still have a lot to do today!


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