7 Before the 7th Day


The colors of this one really made my day! I chose two scarves, the teal and the red-orange. I started with the teal scarf, laying the middle of the scarf on my head and not tying the tails but crossing them then placing the red scarf to cover it all. I formed the bun with the red and tucking up one tail of the teal into the bun, leaving only one tail of each scarf. I pulled the teal across in front of the bun but leaving 2 or 3 inches of red in the front. After, I wrapped the red tails around the bun which subsequently has darker red on the ends of this scarf. I felt the scarf need a little and so I chose one of my lace strips to wrap around the front edge of the teal and along the bun where the red met the teal. It seemed I needed just a bit more, something to really complete it. I dug into my box of creations. The cream elastic headband with two matching bows caught my eye. Definitely a perfect fit!

Bright like a summer day. I decided on a simple look for the day. I used the yellow scarf as my base & bun with one tail left. Then took my floral scarf and laid it a few inches back from the front to show a bit of yellow and didn’t cover the bun either. I wrapped any remaining tails around the bun. I pulled the last yellow tail just in front of the bun to leave a section of the floral to separate the bun and the tail of yellow. Since this is a rather bright combination, I left it without embellishing.
This one turned out very smooth.  I used the red-orange scarf again as the base; however, I wrapped the tan plaid scarf underneath it first before laying the red on top of it. I used the red to create the bun and then tucked in one of the tan tails. I pulled the final tan tail across the top, laying it as flat as I could, covering just until the bun. I wanted to use my sequin black & white skinny scarf, but I didn’t know exactly what to do with that much length, I really just wanted it to be a “lowlight,” if you will. I tried a few ways but didn’t really care for more than one layer, so I laid out one layer a bit before the bun, wrapped the remaining tails around the bun and then used the last red tail to cover everything that was wrapped around the bun. By looking at the finished product, one would never know that I have all that hidden around the bun!

Ah, pretty in lace. If I am not wearing flowers, I really love to wear lace! This one is actually very simple. I used a dark purple pashmina styled scarf first, created the bun and wrapped the remaining tail around it. Then I took one of my sinar tichels purchased from Sara Attali, my very first one in fact. I folded the square part up under the main layered area to be the same width as the tails. I was also able to tuck the very first layer at the very front of that tichel under so that the first lace layer would lay on the purple and then the purple could show through. I wrapped the sinar tichel in the standard fashion. While the combination was beautiful as it was, I thought it was rather mono-chromatic or maybe just dark? Anyway, I wanted to match it with the colorful shirt I was wearing and so I pulled out a bright blue ribbon. I settled on tying it into a bow towards the back along the lace and tucked the ribbon ends under the rest of the ribbon to give the bow a more finished look.

I struggled to come up with something this day. I was wearing my red skirt that has a few pinks and a bit of black in it. This particular skirt is hard to match a scarf to that I haven’t used before. So, I decided to try something simple. I used my black scarf to make the bun and just wrapped the tail around it. Then I used my floral scarf and simply wrapped it to look like a headband. It is a longer scarf, so I had to wrap it twice which broke up the pattern a bit but I still thought it was ok.

I used it again! Here’s yet another way to stretch your sinar tichels. I had decided on using the colorful, floral scarf and thought, “wouldn’t it be beautiful with the lace from that sinar tichel?”  My inklings were right and, actually, I think it turned out better than I had imagined. This one is was simple also. I placed the sinar tichel on in the standard fashion, crossing the tails behind my head and tucking the ends of the square fabric under. Before I wrapped the tails over, I placed the floral scarf, which when folded in half is a triangle, to cover the beige fabric that consists of the square of the tichel or another way to look at it is that it lays right at the edge of the front lace. I tied the ends and tucked the corner end under that. The “tails” of the floral triangle scarf are long enough that it can be cumbersome to tuck in, so I wrapped them around where I knew the tails would cover. Then I finished it out by wrapping the sinar tichel tails around, leaving a bit to show between the front lace and the lace of the tails. Since I was wearing a yellow shirt, I chose my yellow ribbon rose clip I made which really made it complete! I think this will go in my favorites. =]


Yesterday’s tichel: I try not to wear too much pink but I really do have quite a number of shirts with pink in it. I’m not saying that pink is my favorite color and I have to force myself to wear other colors, but that it just tends to be a color in a majority of my clothing. Regardless, today I chose to highlight pink. I used the dark pink to make the bun and to be an accent color. After the floral was placed close to the front, leaving maybe an inch of pink. I wrapped the floral tails around the bun. Then the striped multi-striped was mostly just wrapped around the bun with a few inches beyond it. One of the short tails I tucked in and the other I left hanging down. I then pulled the final pink tail around the bun and plunked in a floral pin by the hanging tail. Maybe not my favorite but thought it was fun nonetheless.



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