Let’s try this again!

All right, I think I found a computer that works for now. =] I am going to try to play catch up, but right now I only have a few pictures ready to go. Unfortunately, with the computer issues, I also have camera issues, so a few pictures were done with my tablet. Yeah, more of a cell phone quality than before. Ok, let the fun begin again. I have three ready to go from probably two weeks ago. Not sure I have pictures from all two weeks but I will get on here what I have.

IMG_20130724_100658 IMG_20130724_100711

Who has a sinar tichel? This one’s for you.

Remember the very first sinar tichel I made? Well, I’m wearing it. I wanted the teal color (more green than what the photo shows) to match my skirt but the tichel I made had white and black accents. I didn’t want black, I wanted brown and yellow since those colors are in my skirt. I put the sinar tichel on, but wrapped it so that the teal was at the front and laid the tails as flat as possible. Then I took two strips of fabric left over from sewing projects and wrapped them over the tails to create a different color scheme: the yellow & brown floral and the white fabric. Then I took my brown ribbon-like embellishment as well as my golden yellow ribbon and laid them to enhance the look. So, instead of needing a whole new scarf, I was able to use a sinar tichel to create a totally different headcovering!

DSCF2172 DSCF2173

I liked this one. I’m only using two scarves here. The reddish one has the two tones. I used that as a base which created the “bun” also. I believe in this one, I hid the tan plaid one under the red helping to create the bun. I do this by putting the scarf I want more hidden on first. I lay the middle of the scarf on my head and pull the tails to the opposite sides behind my head, as if I was going to tie them. But I don’t. Next I put on the scarf that I want to create the bun with and I follow those steps, tying the ends behind my head and stuffing the left side up to form it. Before I tie it tight, I take the first scarf, left side tail and stuff that up into the bun then I tightened the scarf. Now I have two tails of two different scarves left out on the right side. I then pull the accenting color over, here tan, & tuck in. I do the same for the red. There you have it. Now for embellishments. I chose my plaid strip that actually had been a belt for a shirt. It is pretty long and normally I wrap it twice, tie a bow and tuck the ends under. I don’t really know what possessed me, but I realized that the ends were still pretty long, so I pulled them up around the bun and discovered that I could tie them into a cute bow. It turned out to be just the right size and laid in just the right spot.  =]

DSCF2174 DSCF2175

I like navy blue. I feel it is a good color for me. But truly, I don’t have a plain navy blue scarf. But aren’t I wearing one? No, I did not go out and buy one just for this picture. This is my scrappy tichel, as everything you see here is made from sewing scraps. Ok, here’s what I did. Step one: Find a couple of long strips of fabric you want to incorporate into your head wrap. Two: create a bun – I used my usual method of wearing a full scarf under to create the bun. I don’t have a volumizer….yet. I may branch out to see what the excitement is about. They’re just not cheap and if you can stand to wear layers, a plain ol’ scarf works just as well. Anyway, tangent. Here I used a cream pashmina styled scarf to create that bun. Three: pick the first scrap. I chose navy blue to be the base color. This strip is probably 5 inches wide maybe a bit more. I started at one end of the navy strip, without tying, tucked the end in the back and just wrapped the fabric around the cream to cover it. I tucked the other end in somewhere when I was done. On to my next color. Four: I used the other piece and decided I wanted it more for accent than majority color, so I kept it just as a “crown.” No tying, I tucked in the ends. Then I topped it off with a headband I made. The striped trim was taken from a pair of my favorite blue jeans from high school. Yup, I had kept the trim that long, tucking it away and forgetting about it. So, when I started making embellishments, I pulled it out and made this headband! I am very pleased with this one but for the shaping in the back. That does look a little odd but really, ladies. Don’t waste your time trying to make it perfect. There are sooooo many days that it literally just WON’T happen and you have to say, “ok, I did my best.” Otherwise, you have to ask yourself, “what is my motivation for covering?” I realize that you may not be covering for the same reasons as I do, however, I really want to encourage every woman that your worth is not in how “perfect” you look but with how perfectly you fit into who you are.


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