Monday & Tuesday

DSCF2165 DSCF2166

Monday Blues.

Well, not really, there’s red there too! I used a plain ol’ black scarf as the base. I used the navy blue fabric along the front, tucking in the ends underneath that fabric – it is only a strip maybe 5 inches wide. I then wrapped the red patterned scarf around the middle of my head tucking in the ends. I tried to keep the white part of the scarf hidden, otherwise it looked a bit odd. I added the ribbon flower clip to match.


This was fun. I went bright and summery with my pink pashmina styled scarf using it to create the bun also, twisting the remaining tail around it. I then took the pink floral bandana and folded it to be a wide headband then tied it. The white & black polka dot scarf I wrapped on top of that twice, trying to have the black borders showing. Then I used my shimmery black ribbon and tied a cute bow, tucking in the ends undernead the ribbon. Even though this was a bit brighter than I usually like to wear, I did think it turned out well.

Need a little pizzazz for your coverings? Shop my Etsy store for fun additions to your look!


One thought on “Monday & Tuesday

  1. Hi Penimah,

    we visited your store (unfortunately it’s closed for a while, good holidays) and you did some great headbands, seem to be awesome original creations. Our professionnal world is based on headbands and we are used to see original maker and you are a great one. Keep going, it’s beautiful !


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