Ok friends,

It is getting down to crunch time for my wedding. I will not be able to continue posting for the next two weeks. I just can’t add this to my list of things to do. When I get setup in my new home, I will begin the fun again. I will check my email from time-to-time, so email me at with suggestions, comments or what-not.


2 thoughts on “Break

  1. Hope everything goes super smooth for your wedding & you just enjoy it! Don’t think too much about blogging, just enjoy being a this process, being a newlywed, your wedding and the whole experience!!! I was told during my wedding/newlywed season, to enjoy it b/c it only happens one & I didn’t fully comprehend how true it is. These precious days ahead truly will be your foundational moments for your future marriage, you can only do them once, & you’ll always look back at how everything all started 🙂 So just relish it my dear! You’ll be glad you did!!

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