Today’s Tichel


I just realized that I chose a red tichel two days in a row. Well, at least it is different! =] My skirt is mainly primary red with hints of dark pink & baby pink with some black. I figured, if my skirt can mix pink & red, so can  my tichel. I used my pink pashmina styled scarf as the base & bun, then chose my white polka dot scarf, hiding any ends or tails around bun. I covered the rest with my square red paisley scarf I folded in half to make a triangle & tying the ends underneath with the corner tucked into it. Now, looking at the pictures, I think I would lay the polka-dotted scarf a bit further back to let more pink through. I had to use straight pins to hold the red scarf on, as the white is that silky polyester. I didn’t take the time to enhance today; it is pretty busy visually by itself. =]

Need a little pizzazz for your coverings? Shop my Etsy store for fun additions to your look!


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