Yesterday & Today

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Yesterday’s Tichel.

Yes, you can laugh heartily at my sleepy face! I tied a green scarf as the base to form the bun then covered it with my multi-striped rectangular scarf. I just wrapped this scarf, no tying under the bun. I pulled one tail around the bun, then the other ontopf of that and toward the front, looping the end through on the other side so as to keep it steady. I added my blue ribbon clip I made to highlight the darker blue. I was hoping for more of a layered look, but due to the many stripes, it all just blends in. I still am pleased, though!


Today’s Tichel.

I enjoy this one. I first placed the plaid tan scarf on, wrapping the two tails behind my head but not tying. Then I placed the red-orange cotton scarf on, covering the plaid scarf & forming the bun with the long tail as well as stuffing one plaid tail in the bun to hide it. I pulled the plaid tail close to the front followed by my floral strip of fabric. I then pulled the red tail over to finish it out, tucking in the ends. I wasn’t 100% pleased with the look; I didn’t like the floral directly on the tan, so I sought out something to finesse it. I settled on the brown fabric ribbon and it was just enough to break up the patterns & colors to really make it pop! So, a bit of advice, if you aren’t pleased at first, try to find something small or minor to break it up or enhance it before you give up! =]

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