Friday, Yesterday, & Today’s Tichel

Friday’s Tichel:


I chose black and silver. I used the black as the base and the “bun-maker” of which the leftover tail I just wrapped around the bun. I took a rectangular scarf and folded it both length & width to make a smaller strip. This worked well since the scarf is very thin so it didn’t really create much bulk. I tied the ends and tucked them in. I then used my sequin scarf as an accent, having to wrap it twice around since it is rather long. I haven’t ever tried to fold that one in half, as I think the sequins would prove difficult. I also then topped this all off with a silver flower pin.

Monday’s tichel:

DSCF2152 DSCF2154

I enjoyed this one! I used one of my pashmina styled scarves as the hidden base, cream in color, simply to create the bun. Well, also the plaid tan scarf is rather thin material and I didn’t want the black of my no-slip headband to show through. I added the plaid tan without tying the ends, just laid the scarf on my head in the middle, then pulled the tails back as if I was going to tie them but instead just brought the right side over to the left and the left to the right. I pulled one tail over around the bun to hide it. Then I took the burgundy fabric strip and wrapped it, tucking in the short ends under the fabric. I then pulled the tan tail over, tucking in the ends. I added both the strip of lace to the front then my burgundy ribbon that is long enough to wrap around twice. While I don’t normally wear light colored tichels, this one is pretty. =]

Today’s tichel:

DSCF2155 DSCF2156

Lazy day. I wasn’t really inspired this morning. So I chose one of my sinar tichels. I used one of my pashmina styled scarves as the “bun-maker” as I don’t have a volumizer. After wrapping it like normal, I felt that I should at least do something to make this different. I tried using my wide tan lace but felt it was a bit too much. I finally settled on my green grosgrain ribbon headband. I like the little extra flair it provides. At certain angles, it actually looks like it is apart of the tichel! =]

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