Playing Catch-up!

I decided I will just try to fit the last few days in one post instead of a post for each day, especially if you receive an email each time I post!

DSCF2124 DSCF2125

Monday, Memorial Day. I chose to go purple and pink. I used my purple pashmina as the base then wrapped the floral scarf over it. I left out one tail of the plain purple to wrap over.  I topped off the look with my long tan lace.

DSCF2132 DSCF2133

Tuesday, I wore this fun combo. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t really show the whole thing well, but I started with the tan plaid (looks like it is white or cream) but did not create a bun. I laid the blue paisley on top which I then created the bun with the longer tail as well as one of the tan tails. After I pulled the tan over & tucked the blue around the bun. I wrapped the black floral over the top of the tan and blue tail, tucking in the ends. I had a red-orange color in my shirt so I added the large red-orange flower. I thought about adding more but this whole week I have had to rush out the door. Haha, this wedding stuff makes me tired! =]

DSCF2134 DSCF2136

Wednesday, I chose my large, cotton golden tan scarf to use as the base. Then I wrapped the funky, multi-colored scarf of which I left a tail down. I pulled the brown/tan tail across followed by the final multi-colored tail. I used my sheer black ribbon across the front multi-colored part as a fun accent. I don’t usually mix brown & black but this looks nice!

Need a little pizzazz for your coverings? Shop my Etsy store for fun additions to your look!


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