Today’s Tichel

DSCF1975 DSCF1977

Ok, folks, I did it. I risked moving the scarf to my hair line and it worked! I made sure to be aware of the way the “teeth” were facing and also have been using baking soda powder along my hairline. I think my hair might have been too greasy and also, I have been trying not to tie all the layers but just wrap them. I think when I was tying all those layers, I kept making them under the bun thereby pushing it up and allowing slippage.

Well, today I started by putting the tan on first, this time without tying the scarf on. I covered the tan with the paisley blue scarf and created the bun but also stuffing a tan tail up in the bun before tightening. I have been doing that a lot lately and it really helps when you have too much fabric to work with. Anyway, I added the burgundy fabric, tying it as close to the end as possible since it is short. I pulled the tan tail over followed by the blue, tucking the ends in under the bun. I then took the burgundy tail and pulled it around the bun. Now, at this point, the burgundy tail was still too short. I had maybe 1/2 inch to tuck in but it wouldn’t stay. I used two straight pins at the ends and they have kept them all day so far! I pulled the blue and white striped headband out of my bin of creations I am trying to sell and figured it would be fun to sport it for a day.

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