Wednesday’s Tichel

DSCF1959 DSCF1963

Totally enjoyed this one and got complements from a co-worker! I used my brown cotton scarf as the base and left one tail down. The navy blue and the patterned floral are both thin strips of fabric that I use periodically with my tichels. They work really well because they are thin and don’t add a lot of bulk. I would say they are about 5 inches wide but I haven’t actually measured them. I should do that, huh? Anyway, I wrapped the strips without tying them. The floral was longer and I wrapped it as close to one end as possible then laid the blue on top also making one tail longer. Now, this did require a bit of finagling (spelling?) to get everything to lie right without it falling off since I didn’t tie them in place. However, it worked fine. Wherever I could, I tucked the ends under a tail to keep from tucking under the bun since the more I try to tuck under the bun, the more it loosens the wrapping and subsequently slips off. After wrapping each tail to give that layered look, I finalized it by pulling the brown tail over then adding my long lace. This lace is wider than my other and so to not cover too much, I folded it in half before tying it on. I am very pleased with this!

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