Tuesday’s Tichel

DSCF1936 DSCF1937

I like this one a lot too! I tied the tan scarf first, then tied the mint green one directly on top. After shoving one mint green tail under to make the bun and before tightening it, I shoved one tan tail up there too, then I tightened it. I used my navy blue strip of fabric, tying it as close to one end as possible, then I wrapped the tan tail across tucking in the end. I then pulled the long blue tail around followed by the final mint tail. I topped off the look with my light purple lace pin and a strip of lace across the front! It was VERY heavy, but due to the fabric, me tying my tichels lower and adding baking soda across my hairline, this one stayed all day! I found this to be a great success day! =]

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