Thursday’s Tichel

DSCF1914 DSCF1915

Love the combo however it was a struggle all day with this tichel arrangement. First issue was that I couldn’t get the yellow base scarf to tie tight enough and it keep coming loose. The next issue was the multi-colored fabric, as it is that silky georgette material, which I have come to find is ALWAYS finicky and tends to pull whatever the base scarf is off even if I tie it very securely at first.

I did come up with one solution before I left the house, as the multi-colored fabric would not stay on. I used straight pins from my sewing stuff which was perfect. I will certainly use them again for any instances I want the fabric to stay. I was a little wary that I would poke myself a lot, but not at all, not once. And I don’t think anyone could see them even though they were up front & on top.

Anyway, the composition of this look was that I used a long rectangular scarf for the base & bun, then used the multi-colored silky scarf folded to make a triangle. This time, I didn’t tuck any of the ends in, not even the corner except to be kept in place by the knot. I topped the look off with a cute flower clip I bought from Wal-Mart a while back. The nice thing about thin, large weave fabric is that you can poke a clip through it and usually it won’t leave a permanent gaping hole. That way, you don’t have to have a ribbon or fold of fabric to put the clip on, it can be a smooth look.

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments –

Check out Sara Attali Designs for beautiful sinar tichels!


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