Today’s Tichel

DSCF1885 DSCF1884

Neutral tone day. I used my cream pashmina styled scarf for the base & to make the bun. I used just my tan plaid scarf which I tied in the middle. I wanted to do something different with the tails so I experimented by twisting them together at one point then bringing the ends back down the same side the originated. I topped off the look with a floral ribbon headband I made. It took my simple, fun look to a romantic side with those flowers! : )

Here’s a picture tutorial of what I did with my tails this time. It is hard to see in the picture above so I tried to mimick what I did with a separate scarf before I left for work. Let me know if it doesn’t make sense!

Step 1: cross the tails


Step 2: bring one tail back the way it came, making a u-shape.


Step 3: bring the second tail back the way it came making another u-shape that is interlocking with the first “u”.


Step 4: tuck the ends in! Here’s anothe view to help you see what it looks like.


This would look great with two different colored tails! I will have to try it some time. : )

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments –

Check out Sara Attali Designs for beautiful sinar tichels!


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