Busy Holiday Season

Wow, time has just flown by and there were a couple of days that I missed taking pictures as I was busy with an out-of-town visitor (my fiance!). I am going to post the two pictures I actually took over Pesach (Passover) and maybe then I can reuse the combinations later! =]

DSCF1815 DSCF1816

This I believe was Sunday’s tichel. This was a fun one. This is my favorite purple and to have it complemented with black and white looks awesome. I used my pashmina style purple scarf as the base, leaving one tail out. I added the gray/black floral scarf next, followed by the purple tail, covering up the back section. Then my fun polka dotted thin scarf I tied around the bun and something fun happened – a bow formed out of the fabric! This might be something you want to try and I would probably have to make a video or at least show pictures, but the reason it happened has to do with the cut of the scarf. It isn’t rectangular. The ends are diagonal, so when you tie it close to the shorter corner, it forms a bow and then I just tucked the longer corners in. Yeah…this needs pictures or a video.


All right, here’s a photo from last night before I had to say “goodbye” to my future husband. =[ Anyway, I chose to re-wear my new sinar tichel, as I wanted to try showing my hair a bit. I found that with my no slip headband I made out of terrycloth, it just doesn’t work. I am not sure if it is the fact that my hair is sooooo super fine or if it is my head shape or what, but I struggled all day to keep it on. I can wear the headband when I place it on my hairline but anything further back just doesnt work. So…I purchased the traditional no slip headbands for tichels from my favorite tichel-maker, Sara Attali, which are made of velvet. I will let you know when I receive them from Israel! I truly hope that works as I do like to show a bit of hair with the sinar tichels (and my fiance likes to see a little hair too).

Check out my etsy store for tichel embellishments:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Penimah?ref=seller_info

Check out Sara Attali Designs! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SaraAttaliDesign?ref=seller_info


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