Catch-up! Shabbat’s Tichel

DSCF1760 DSCF1762

This was actually Erev Shabbat’s tichel, as I chose something else for Shabbat. I decided to show a little bit of hair this time. I therefore needed clips, as the green scarf is exceptionally slippery and I also wasn’t wearing any kind of no-slip wear since I wasn’t going out of my home. Something new was my black “snood” I forgot I had made a few years ago to wear when I worked at Starbucks. I thought it would look nice with what I was wearing. I had also crocheted the flower originally for this and attached it with a safety pin.

DSCF1776 DSCF1777

This was my Shabbat tichel. I am very pleased with it. I wore just one scarf that has the three colors which really gave a great look. I really wanted to high light the purple, as this shade is my favorite. I also put my lace on before I finished wrapping the scarf to give a nice layered look. Then I added a long strip of purple fabric that you can sorta see in the pictures. This had been a belt to a shirt of mine, however, I tend not to wear belts with shirts as they don’t always fit my body type. I topped the look off with a ribbon rose clip that I am going to be selling at my shop! I am hoping to get a listing up for all sorts of colors.

Check out the new arrivals at my Etsy shop for tichel embellishments:


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