Today’s Tichel

DSCF1744 DSCF1752

My first sinar tichel yet again! I decided to try a new “bun.” And I realized that I hadn’t actually worn this tichel plain.  As you can see, I didn’t go completely plain Jane but added my black ribbon. I have a few issues with this particular case but chose to stick with it.

1. The colors don’t match. The tichel blue is more turquoise and my sweater is much greener. Oh well.

2. My bun doesn’t fill out the fabric. Today I took a scarf, waded it into a ball then shoved it into…what do they call those things….wig cap? It is the nylon cap for under wigs. So after I put on my no slip headband, I placed the cap with the “bun” on the headband so that it would keep from slipping.

3. I am not as comfortable at this point because I am used to very tight head scarves. I feel much more secure with very tight headcoverings as my hair is so fine it just slips right off. My sinar tichel isn’t that tight (granted, my tails are too short to tie, so I had to tuck in the ends).

–I will have to let you know after Passover (Pesach) how a “real” sinar feels! I just purchased one on from Sara Attali Designs and I am so excited to wear it. I highly recommend her tichels – they are gorgeous!

Check out the new arrivals at my Etsy shop for tichel embellishments:


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