Today’s Tichel

DSCF1697 DSCF1701

Today I was in a hurry! You can’t see it, but I chose a monochromatic look because this teal is in my shirt. I also chose to do it because I knew it would look good and I wouldn’t have to redo it! Except looking at the side picture, my bun is all wonky! Haha. Well, regardless, it looks nice from the front. I almost didn’t embellish this look. Seriously. But…you know me, I had to. So I chose to just use lace. Now, I would have used my other lace headband; however, my cat was mad at me and chewed it up. No joke. So I learned two lessons: give yourself enough time to wrap your tichel and don’t make your cat mad! If you have cats, find a way to keep them out of their reach. Even if your cat doesn’t retaliate against you, he/she might just think your embellishments are fun to play with!

Oh, I am wearing three scarves, the base is that first darker teal to make the bun, then the lighter teal scarf with sequins, then the silky blue flowered scarf on top.

Check out my Etsy shop for tichel embellishments:


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