Today’s Tichel

DSCF1592-1 DSCF1593-1

I had asked my fiancé what color I should wear today and he said, “Blue. You look nice in brown, too.” So, that’s what I wore! Since Sundays are now my craft days or my bumming days, I don’t feel the need to dress up. So, I wore plain clothes today and didn’t really try to match too much in that I wore a green shirt. I feel justified in wearing green though, as the second scarf has a decent amount of green in it. : )

Ok, so I used my cotton, golden brown scarf as the base. I tied the pink flowered scarf next which I chose to fold it in half width wise changing it from a super long rectangle to a shorter, almost square piece. This makes it so there are no tails to deal with but it is just long enough to tie the ends easily and tuck them under. I think this works well with this scarf as it is very thin and is the right length and width. I then added the dusty blue, paisley scarf which I chose to have the tails be wrapped around the bun. Then I added my dark brown ribbon which I laid over the ends of the last two scarves to make it look like it is one continuous scarf. I added a new clip! I added a dark blue flower clip that I made recently. Usually I use a pin, but have been finding it annoying sometimes to try and get the pin to go through all the fabric and lay correctly. So, I went out to Michael’s and bought alligator clips. Since I was wearing a ribbon, it made it easy to just clip the flower onto the ribbon. If you like the clip, I will be selling at my Etsy store! I am planning on posting new clips and headbands this week, perhaps in time for Pesach (Passover) if you want a little something to add to the holiday.

Check out my Etsy store: I haven’t posted the new stuff yet, though.


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