Today’s Tichel

DSCF1576 DSCF1575

New scarves!!!

I got both of these lovely scarves at Kohl’s last night. The grey flowered was on sale for $14 (and I had a 30% coupon!) and the teal one I got as a combo with a darker teal T-shirt which was on clearance for $12 before my coupon was applied! So, if you have a Kohl’s near you, go! =]

Today I tried something new – ok only new in the fact that I have never used this particular necklace as a tichel embellishment. But I was going to wear it as a true necklace but had the thought to use it like this. I really like it with it and then added my trusty silver flower pin. Now, I am a little worried about this, as I am still testing the “old towel” trick and the necklace is HEAVY. All those beads are solid glass and will weigh my bun down. The past two days, the “old towel” strip has been working until I go home. Then on my drive home, I can really feel it slide. So, I wrapped the “towel” strip tighter today, so we will see!

OH, for wonderful cotton long sleeve crew-neck shirts, like the yellow one I am wearing, go to Kohl’s right now. I got that for less than $3 on clearance as they are getting ready for summer wear! It is made by Sonoma.

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments!


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