Monday’s Tichel: 3/4

DSCF1548 DSCF1551

I wanted to wear my newest sinar tichel again, but only wanted the flower fabric to show through since I really wasn’t wearing navy blue. So, I used my light brown scarf as the base to make the bun and then left a bit showing in the front. I folded the other colors of the sinar tichel back  to leave only the flowered strip in the front. I left a tail down of the brown scarf but first wrapped both sinar tails as flat as I could on my head and then wrapped the brown tail around. I topped it off with a long burgundy ribbon since the sinar tichel has that golden brown ribbon already attached. The thickness of the fabric is a bit much for my face, but it really didn’t look that bad! Using other scarves with your sinar tichels really makes for a multi-purposed tichel!

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments!


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