Shabbat’s Tichel: 3/2

DSCF1532 DSCF1541

I went super simple this Shabbat. I used my favorite pashmina scarf! This was a gift from dear friends, and it is super beautiful. It is an ivy green and gold. One thing I adore about pashminas is that one side emphasizes one color while the other is the opposite. That makes wrapping it rather fun if you cause the opposite side to show also.

I tied it normally but had one tail shorter than the other. The longer tail formed the bun. Then I took the tail and flipped the it so that the opposite side would be showing when I pulled it up. I will try to describe how I did this. I don’t think Andrea Grinberg has done anything like this yet, so if I don’t find a video done by her, I will make my own for you all! Ok, so I chose to have the gold side as the first layer which you can see is the checkered pattern. I wanted the green to be the most visible, so I positioned the tail to the middle of the bun. I opened up the fabric behind me so that it was flat, with the gold side facing the ceiling. (Yeah, I think I will have to make a video…this could be hard to imagine!) I pulled the opened tail up, encompassing the bun, and folded the very end under, as pashminas always seem to have tassels! Then tied the corners of the opened tail together under the bun. Voila! Then I thought, well it is so shiny and fancy on its own, how can I even think about embellishing? But the thought came to me…use my pearl necklace! So I wrapped it around the bun and it actually was the exact size! I felt very elegant and yet it was so simple!

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments!


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