Today’s Tichel


After getting dressed, I decided on making orange the main color and, boy, was I pleased!The orange scarf is definitely awesome! I went with contrasting colors today based upon the shirt I was wearing. So, I used the orange as the base, as it is a thicker cotton scarf, then added the navy blue bandana styled scarf and only allowed a very small snipit of that orange to be seen under the navy blue. I tied the small navy blue tails around the bun. OH, I had left out one orange tail in order to make the look I was intending with the pattern along the ends. I then tied the dusty blue paisley and wrapped the tails the bun which made the bun much larger. Then comes the fun part! I took the orange tail and opened it up somewhat flat, pattern facing down. I pulled the end up on top, folding the very end under because there are tassels on the end that I don’t want showing. Then taking the corners, I tied it under the my head. I embellished with a headband with orange flowers and that red trim I’ve used quite often in the last few days.

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments!


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