Today’s Tichel: A Favorite Revisited


I decided that I wanted to wear a tichel combination that I had worn before…rather recently actually. Remember the light green pashmina with the white scarf with black polka dots? I really liked that one and since the skirt I am wearing is essentially that color, I decided to try to use the same scarves but wrap it differently. So, instead of the green pashmina being the base, I chose the black and grey floral to be the base. It reduced the size of my “bun” but I think it worked out well regardless. I added my black and white thin sequin scarf to add pizzazz and then tied the green pashmina on top of that followed by the white with black polka dots. I wrapped the pashmina tails around the bun subsequently making it heavy in the back. B’H , I didn’t have to redo it at work like I thought! Anyway, I wrapped the rest of the polka dots and sequins around the pashmina tails. I kept the polka dots to tie on the side and added a silver flower pin to it. I also wanted to add some hue (shade? help me out art majors!) contrast so I added my green ribbon headband I made. So, while I used the exact same scarves from before, I came out with a completely different look!

I challenge you to revisit a familiar and easy combination in order to develop an entirely new look!

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