Today’s Tichel

Mon2-25-13 Mon2-25-13x2

Today I was very pleased with my tichel-tying results! : )

I used my cream pashmina styled tichel for the base, then a green scarf that has two hues of green to the main part then on the ends has both burgundy and orange, as you may be able to make out in the second picture. I added a golden floral scrap fabric that I wanted to be the highlight. I only left one tail for the green and the floral, which to get a continuous wrapping tail, I had to tie both so that one tail was very short and the other very long. I aimed the floral to be toward the front and to be on top of the green. Then I embellished with my favorite lace headband and that red trim I used on Shabbat. I wanted to add flowers, of course, but didn’t really have anything that seemed to fit. So, I took small pale yellow flowers and tucked them under the “folds.” I haven’t put these flowers on a pin yet, but they stuck all day in the fabric!

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments!


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