Shabbat’s Tichel

Shabbat2-23-13 Shabbat2-23-13x2

Ok, I really loved this look! I went simple since I really adore this multi-colored scarf and wanted it to be the center of attention instead of just an accent. Originally, I had the braid straight down my back but by the time I got to taking the photo, I had had to redo the look twice! Here’s something you really need to consider when tichel-tying: is the scarf you are using sleek fabric? Is it that chiffon-type material that is slippery? It WILL begin to fall off and can even pull the other scarf with it. Unfortunately, the tan scarf slipped back too! I think part of it had to do with how tight the slippery one was tied and where it sat on my head that helped pull it back. Regardless, it was annoying.

Side note: I do not have a “no-slip grip” headband yet…I have seriously just used scrap fabric, muslin, and tie it as the base to all my tichels and 99% of the time it holds everything securely. However, I think I have figured out why there are days it just doesn’t want to stay put. Since it is just scrap fabric, I have to tie it in the back just like a scarf. So when I begin to actually place other scarves on my head, those knots push the knot of the base muslin fabric up, causing the slippage. After today, I am VERY seriously considering purchasing one of those nifty headbands! Hmmm but I do know I want to figure out how to make my own as I have scraps of fabric and would therefore be cheaper!

Ok back to the combination…again, I stuck with only two scarves, as I wanted the multi-colored scarf to be highlighted. I chose to embellish the look like crazy! I used a red trim that actually I had repurposed. It had been on a gift I had received a few years back and I had saved it just in case I wanted to re-gift it or use it in some craft. Well, I had found that it was just the right size to tie on my head and it goes with oh, so many of my tichels! While you haven’t seen it much on this blog, I used it rather frequently pre-blog days. I then chose my sheer black ribbon and my long lace that I bought from a thrift store. I think it had been a belt? Anyway, I wrapped that twice around and topped the look off with a cute silver flower pin. One thing I loved about this braid was that the tichel tails were pretty much the same width so the braid turned out to be very comely!

One other tip: you don’t have to have a hair tie to secure your tichel braids. You can just take the longest tail end when you are done braiding and wrap it once around perpendicularly and then tuck it in that wrap from the top to bottom and it makes a secure hold. I began doing it because I don’t really have any ties I could use and it can give the braid a finished look.

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