Tuesday’s Tichel

DSCF1457-1 DSCF1459-1

Pink Day!

Here I chose a pink pashmina style scarf as my base followed by that infamous burgundy fabric. I went with only two layers today, which has not been the norm. But I wanted to stick to a monochromatic design today. I saved the pink tail to wrap over the very top of my head. Normally I have issues with the tails of this fabric being too short, so I experimented with it by tying it as far to the edge of one side of the fabric, initially making one tail short – nearly non-existant – and the other being super long. I then wrapped that around the bun which was now long enough to go all the way around!

I wasn’t satisfied with a simple two scarf ensemble so I added a sheer black ribbon to the front, a long burgundy satin ribbon that I wrapped twice, my favorite lace headband I made and then topped it off with my favorite flower pin!

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments! http://www.etsy.com/shop/Penimah


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