Monday’s Tichel – A Fresh DIY Sinar Tichel

DSCF1450-1 DSCF1452-1

Here is my 2nd attempt at a sinar tichel from fabric scraps. I had used this particular fabric to make a short (riiiight) video to supplement what I posted 1/30. Well, the video wont seem to load. I didn’t know it wouldn’t until after I decided to sew up this tichel. Again, my hopes are to get it posted, but youtube is being strange.

Regardless, this time, I sewed the golden satin ribbon along the whole length of this tichel. I made a white lace headband to match. The only problem: the headband is too small! I ended up with a mega headache and basically went to bed early. I also took some picture progressions of this tichel before I discovered how I could make a video. I will have to repost the DIY of this tichel soon!

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3 thoughts on “Monday’s Tichel – A Fresh DIY Sinar Tichel

    • Hi Batsheva Tova!

      My understanding is that sinar means “apron” and I tend to try to incorporate as many Hebrew or Yiddish words I can. I don’t speak either but I do really want to learn. What knowledge and wisdom can you impart?

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