Today’s Tichel


Today was kinda fun as a sort of “lazy” day tichel. The base was a plaid tan scarf followed by a large bandana styled navy blue scarf. I then used the infamous purplish burgundy fabric. Having left down all the tails (except one tan one as it formed my “bun”), I pulled over the tan, making it as flat as possible, and tucked it under. I then had two shorter tails of both the blue and the burgundy which luckily were long enough to tie together then tuck the ends in. So I did the burgundy around the bun which left a small gap between the tan and the burgundy that I then pulled up the blue tails. I topped the look off by adding tan lace along the edges of the tan tail. I was surprised myself to see how it gave that section a very finished look, as it the lace was actually apart of the tan tichel! I wasn’t done embellishing (imagine that!). I used one of my elastic headbands of which I attached two small flowers and situated it right behind the tan. Even though I didn’t leave my house all day, I felt as pretty as a princess!

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments!


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