Catch-up: Shabbat Tichel


This is a little late in posting, but I hope it will still be enjoyable nonetheless. : )

I really just went simple but bright. I used a red pashmina style scarf for the base then added a brighter blue large bandana style scarf. I took a white normal-sized bandana that had bright blue, red, yellow, green, etc and instead of just tying it in the triangle form, I folded up the back corner to make more of a headband so none of it would show in the back. I then took the red tail I had left down and drew it over the top. I added the cute red ribbon flower headband but since the headband part was black and didn’t really jive with the blue, I tucked it under the front of the blue scarf.

Check out my Etsy store for tichel embellishments!


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