Today’s Tichel


Today I was thinking of only doing two scarves, but I have a hard time just going simple now that I see how easy it is to make beautiful combinations! So today I was going with the burgundy theme. I chose my base tichel, the burgundy with white tie-dye dots. This tichel is actually a multicolored scarf that I just situate right to get the colors I want to show. I highly suggest getting scarves like this as you can own one scarf to go with multiple combinations! It helps if you are trying to watch your money or space.

I also suggest having strips of fabric. I am using a navy blue strip of solid cotton fabric leftover from a sewing project. I love having it because it is just enough to add color without bulk. Also, it was free! I then added the lovely flowery fabric. Because it is fabric, the tails are rather short. I pulled the knot to the side and double knotted it. Then I made a knot to make it look finished by basically taking one tail and wrapping it over the tied knot so that it was horizontal and tucked the end up under the tichel. I didn’t tuck it tight but left some space. I then took the other tail, pulled it up vertical and tucked the tail down into the horizontal part of the other tail. I know, a video would be better, but I have to figure out how to video with what technology I have!

I finished out the look by adding my favorite lace headband I made and a very long burgundy ribbon that I wrap twice around. Usualy I wrap ribbon toward the front of the tichel because I tend to have tails wrapped around the bun or back of my head. This time, my bun was “naked” so I wrapped the ribbon to highlight the bun. Then I added my favorite romatice flower pin I made…I have listed it on etsy for sale but I am not sure I will be able to let it go! I’m going to have to make another to sell instead!


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