Today’s Tichel


Here I am actually wearing 4 scarves! The reason this works is that they are all relatively thin scarves. The dusty blue paisley is the base of which I left out one tail. Then I added the tan scarf of which I wrapped both tails around the bun. After I added the navy blue scarf which is a bandana style. I left those tails down then added the floral golden fabric of which I left the tails down. I pulled the dusty blue back over the top then twisted the navy blue with the golden on each side. Since they are so short, I had to tie them together around the bun. I then added two headbands I made: one is the green grosgrain ribbon headband and the other is the lace headband. I even decided that wasn’t enough! I added a small white flower to the back. I almost added another ribbon but decided against it. Perhaps there is a limit to embellishments. : )


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