Today’s Tichel

green polkadot

Today, I chose a green, black, grey, and cream skirt. I don’t usually wear green but I havent worn this “skirt” in a while. I put quotes around it because it used to be a dress – a knee length dress at that. I had plans to use the fabric for something else since the dress was really no longer appropriate. I had the idea, why not just put it on like a skirt since the dress was…baggy? I don’t know if that is the right word but the dress wasn’t designed to be form-fitting but slightly a-line from bust to hem. So, I tried it, and as a skirt it is mid-calf! It also is at a good length that I am wearing a black skirt under it that has velvet and lace trim at the bottom. I am very pleased I didn’t even have to sew anything! 🙂

Ok, back to the real reason I am posting! I have a light green pashmina that I wore as the base. I then decided that the white and black polka dot scarf from yesterday would also look great with this. I have a black and grey flower scarf that I used also. I was thinking that I was going to wrap the flower scarf closer to the front but as I added scarves and had tails, I just kinda wrapped this one and – TADA! It came together. I also have a sheer black ribbon I like to use. I decided I wanted to try and tie a bow, as I have done once before and it was cute. I tucked the ribbon ends in to give it a more finished look.

Today I want to encourage you with this principle: don’t try to be a copy cat. By that I mean that you might see what someone else did and want your tichel to look exactly like it. I hate to tell you but the likelihood of that happening is rare – at least until you are really good at wrapping that particular style. One thing I’ve learned is that fabric does what it wants. If you have the time, go ahead and pick and prod the tichel til it does what you want. However, my advice: have an idea of what you want your tichel to look like or how you want to wrap it. Then while you are wrapping it, just let the fabric do what “feels” right. It may not look like what you planned, but it will be gorgeous nonetheless. Eventually, wrapping will be such second nature that you will have that control and possibly can “tell” the fabric what to do. Me, I just like to let the fabric speak for itself.


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