Today’s Tichel


I had forgotten that I had bought the white and black polka dot scarf about two weeks ago! I wanted to wear it today, so I thought, what do I have that is black and white? The shirt I chose is mostly black and white with a soft blue and tan as well as a reddish orange. I coordinated the colors based on my shirt and this is the result. I am quite pleased. I used the reddish orange as the base then put the tan lace right at the edge to give it a finished look. Originally, I wanted to use a tan scarf that I have but thought that 4 scarves would be too many tails to work with! I left down one red tail – which as you might be able to see, has a darker red at the bottom. I then put on the blue but covered it with the polka dot one then the red tail then the polka dot again. I left the blue paisley to remain at the back because I felt that it would have been too cumbersome to have tried to wrap so much fabric too close to my face. That style just doesnt look good on me. I then topped the look off with the rest of the tan lace and a huge reddish-orange flower – which only looked right behind my ear and low.


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