Today’s Tichel


Purple day! The pin I wore and dark plum fabric are two of my favorites! I also chose a sheer scarf that I haven’t used, ever. It had come with a bridesmaids dress from many moons ago and not only is it sheer, it is not very wide. But I decided that it would look very nice with the dark plum and the lavender pin. But what else to coordinate with my shirt? There is a bright pink and a bright blue found in my shirt; however, I didn’t have a bright blue scarf to match so I choose pink.

The base tichel is a cream pashmina style scarf that I used to make the bun and to give the sheer scarf a background. I then added the pink flowery scarf followed by one of the sheer tails then the dark plum was tied on. I had three tails left, two shorter plum and a long lavender. I twisted one plum and the lavender together and wrapped it around the bun; however, the lavender was nearly twice as long as the plum so I still had a tail. I tied the leftover plum tail which I had wrapped behind the twisted to blend in. I then took the leftover lavender and wrapped it back over in front of the twisted wrapping.

I really like that cute pin, I need to make more circular ones like it! It would really make cleaning up my scraps easy! : )


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